Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Army Helicopter Pilot Training Film

I was one in one of the first classes to have all of their training done at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

When I enlisted in the Army going to Vietnam was a real possibility. When I graduated from Army Flight School they were no longer sending pilots to Vietnam. I'm only a Vietnam Era veteran, not a Vietnam Vet. I have mixed feelings about not getting to go over there. 99% of the pilots I know that served in Vietnam are great guys. They have a brotherhood unique to their experience. Vietnam opened up the need for helicopter pilots like nothing else could. As tragic as war is, if Vietnam had never taken place, I probably would have never gotten the opportunity to become a helicopter pilot. This second video: "Angels of Vietnam" sure makes me miss it. All good things eventually come to an end. Enjoy em while you got em!

This was an easy Tall Tale... not much writing, but the films brought back a lot of memories.



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