Wednesday, June 30, 2010

God said He's going to do great things with me someday

A friend of mine that is an ex-con tells this story the best. I'm not sure where it originated, but I like it and share it with you all today.

Proverbs 3:5 says, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding."

Our own understanding can often get in the way.

My friend who told me this story has his own personal struggles, but he tries. His dad, now deceased, was a military career man. So, my friend had good potential and God is not done with him yet. My friend's life took a turn for the worse when he was enrolled in a commercial diving school, and one of his fellow students talked him into smoking some dope. That was a crucial turning point in my friend's life. Marijuana stole my friend's ambition and changed the course of his life for the worse. He ended up dropping out of the diving program. His fellow diving student didn't do him any favors by turning him on to a drug that many justify and consider harmless.

Anyhow here is the story my friend told:
The Little Donkey

A young little donkey was out grazing in a field one day when he heard God speak to him.

God said, "Little donkey, one day I am going to do great things with you!"

The little donkey perked up with excitement. He shared what God told him with his fellow donkeys who all thought, "Yeah right".

The years moved on and nothing much or special happened in the little donkey's life. The little donkey was getting old in years and God still had not done anything with him yet when God once again spoke to the little donkey. God said, "Little donkey, I'm telling you one day I am going to do great things with you."

The little donkey perked up again with excitement and expectation. His walk took on a little extra bounce as he made his way over to his fellow donkeys to tell them what God had told him. His fellow donkeys thought, "Yeah right".

The little donkey's life continued without much happening. The little donkey grew old and weak and finally went the way of all the earth by falling prey to the local predators without God doing anything significant or special with him that could be considered great.

The predators picked the little donkey's bones clean. Then one day soon after Samson came along and picked up the little donkey's jawbone and killed a thousand Philistines with it.

Not the embellished story of the little donkey's life, but the story of Samson and what he did with the jawbone of a donkey can be found in the 15th chapter of Judges in the Bible. You just never know how God may choose to use you. It may not agree with the liking of your own understanding, but if it serves God's purpose why should we complain?

"Now in a large house there are not only gold and silver vessels, but also vessels of wood and of earthenware, and some to honor and some to dishonor. Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work." 2 Timothy 2:20,21



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