H500 Rocky Mountain Helicopters

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  1. DavidBRobert.com does not email anyone not personally known by David B Robert.
  2. DavidBRobert.com is not involved in selling any products by email, or offering anything else by email.
  3. If you receive any email from a No-telling-what-you-might-find-here @davidbrobert.com address offering products for sale, know that the email is not authorized or endorsed by DavidBRobert.com.

Email Spoofing:

"Bounced messages are the digital equivalent of "return to sender, address unknown." On their own, bounced e-mails from strangers usually mean that a professional spammer has been sending spam with your e-mail address in the reply-to field (a process called "spoofing"), and hasn't actually breached your e-mail account. It's a crucial difference; having your account password compromised means your entire collection of e-mail correspondence has been exposed, while a spammer spoofing your address doesn't actually control anything. Unfortunately, while it's often possible to take back control of an infiltrated e-mail account (see below), once a spammer begins spoofing, you have no real recourse." source

This spoofing problem has been discussed with my hosting provider technical support, and I was also advised that there is no real recourse to stop the spoofing. This is beyond my control.

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